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Orogel Fresco

In a single group, all the taste of Italian quality.

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Our products

Respect for nature, constant control and total traceability of production are the successful ingredients of Orogel Fresco.

Long Seasonality

The freshness of our products is an important value for our clients. Our member farmers grow our products from Northern to Southern Italy, in the most suitable lands, all with different microclimate conditions. Therefore we can say that we offer long seasonality, because our production covers a long time frame.

Fresco Gusto

Orogel Fresco offers premium products because our member farmers, with the support of our agronomists, harvest fruits only when they are perfect to be enjoyed, not a moment before nor after.

Organic Production

We have chosen to believe in organic farming and we have been supporting for years those member farmers who have decided to adopt this agricultural technique with low environmental impact and to guarantee healthy and high-quality products.

Varietal Innovation

Our agronomists research every day new harvesting techniques in order to improve the quality of our products and to guarantee our fruits all their organoleptic characteristics and flavour.

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