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All our locations and how to contact us

Cesena (FC)

Orogel Fresco Soc. Coop Agricola
Producers Organization

Registered Office
Via Dismano, 2785
47522 Pievesestina di Cesena (FC)

Longiano (FC)

Administrative Headquarters
Via Emilia, 3800
47020 Longiano (FC)

Tel 0547-651811
Fax 0547-651809 | 0547-651810

Forlimpopoli (FC)

Via Emilia, 340
47034 Forlimpopoli (FC)

Tel 0543-745477
Fax 0543-745355

Corporeno di Cento (FE)

Via Nuova 12/a
44042 Corporeno di Cento (FE)

Tel 051-6835218
Fax 051 6835901

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